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In the Shadow of the Forest: Spells Index

Disclaimer: Spells should not be substituted for professional medical care and treatment. These spells are not meant to cure, only to ease issues and help alongside proper care, treatment and mundane methods.

Last updated: 9/23/2014 — New additions are marked with this  symbol.

Protection and Warding 

Prosperity, Money, Employment, and Good Luck

Peaceful Home

Creativity, Energy and Motivation

Love and Romance


Healing and Wellness 

Emotional Healing and Soothing

Happiness and Positivity

Concentration, Clarity and Study

Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief

Courage and Confidence

Sleeping Troubles, Dreams and Nightmares

Justice and Consequences

Curses and Bindings

Curse Removal/Reversing


Purification and Cleansing

Banishing, Repelling and Cutting Ties

Gardening and Earth

Elemental and Fae

Psychic Matters


Death and Remembrance


Useful Articles and Links