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How to Use Healing Crystals

How you use crystals depends on you and your needs. It also depends on what a crystal’s metaphysical properties are. Certain crystals and stones are better suited for certain situations and ailments. For example, selenite and bloodstone are both excellent for physical healing. Sufferers of anxiety and depression may benefit from citrine. Blue lace agate and amethyst are very good calming stones for those who are stressed. Hematite and black tourmaline are wonderful crystals for grounding, which limits distractions and allows for fulfilling meditation. Green jade and aventurine are considered lucky stones. Calcite is considered an excellent stone for students.

So, now you have a crystal — what do you do with it? How do you put it to good use? Begin by cleansing and charging your new crystal. This is to rid the crystal of any negative energy it may have picked up before reaching you. Cleansing will also attune the crystal to your personal energy, health and well-being. Bathing the crystal in sunlight or moonlight are popular and effective methods to do this, but sunlight may damage certain crystals (such as amethyst or fluorite). Water is also very good, but it’s important to note that soft or porous minerals may be damaged by water. For more information and cleansing methods, see: Taking Care of Your Crystals

After a crystal has been cleansed, it’s a good idea to program it. What this means: you dedicate the crystal to what you need it to do. Sit quietly and hold the crystal in your hand. Open yourself to its energy. See how it makes you feel and, if you wish, meditate with it. When you feel calm and comfortable, visualize or mentally tell the crystal what you intend to use it for. It can be for dealing with depression, helping you sleep, improving self-confidence, good luck, and so on. You can state your intent out loud, such as: “I ask this crystal to block negative energy and thoughts.”

You can wear crystals, carry them with you, keep them near where you sleep/study/etc, place them on the parts of your body that ache or are healing, meditate with them, use them in spells/rituals, for clearing energy blockages, for energy balancing, for making crystal grids, and/or for making crystal/gem elixirsSomething important to note is that some minerals must be handled carefully in their raw form. For example, raw malachite and raw fluorite may cause skin irritation, definitely should NOT be used in gem elixirs (they are toxic) and breathing in the dust from raw minerals should be avoided. Refer to this list for potentially toxic minerals. 

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16th December 2012 @ 12:59am

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